The Journey So Far…

I’m happy! I’m happy with the progress our group has made so far.

We have locations, we have actors in mind, all our roles have been decided and most importantly, we have a Script! And we are very happy with the script so far. We know we still have a long way to go and we know the script we have at the moment will by no means stay the same but we are just pleased we have something to work with.

As a group, I believe, we are off to a great start. We all get a long, we are all able to contribute and get our own say and we have all given an even amount of work into our project. We are all committed and it is clear. We all respond when we send sms’s and we meet up very often and everyone shows up. I am pleased with all of that.

The way we have worked so far is that we send our latest drafts into Robin and we responds back with his own creative ideas. His input so far has been undeniably helpful and we are grateful for that.

For myself personally I still feel I can get a lot more done. I think I have done as much work as everyone else so far but i think if we want this film to be successful I have to put even more input into the group. I can sometimes be a little passive and let other people have the say but at the end of the day I am the director and I have to make the final, important decisions about the film and the direction we want to take it in. Despite this, I think everything has gone to plan so far.

I couldn’t imagine that we would have a finished script. We do not only have a script but we have booked in our day of shooting which is only several weeks away. Its definitely nerve racking but my oh my, its exciting!!!



This Must be the Place


Alright, I’m inspired and truly blown away. I saw a movie a couple of nights a go that just impressed me so much and made me want to make movies. It got me really excited about creating our short film for this semester.

The film is ‘This Must be the Place’ which is directed by Paolo Sorrentino and stars Sean Penn. So many aspects of the film inspired me I don’t even know where to start. But I’ll start with the directing element and how powerful the filmmaking was and the incredible choices the filmmaker made. The thing that stood out for me the most was the cinematography. The camera work was insane!! It just continued to move and roam throughout the duration of the film. It very rarely was stagnant and was almost always moving. It gave the sense that the camera was a character itself. It also took the audience out of the film and let us step back and see what the film really was and what it was all about. The pans, dollies, tracks all contributed to this ever-moving effect. There were multiple crane shots which provided breathtaking views. It was so experimental it just made me, as a director, excited. It has offered me a breath of fresh air and a whole new idea of what filmmaking can be about.

The choice to have Sean Penn act the way he did was also very interesting. He had been critiqued for his over-exaggerated, over-played role as Cheyenne. I personally thought it was a beautiful performance and a great directorial choice. It added a whole other dimension tot he storytelling. He was just so weird it was beautiful. The fact he was so full on makes the audience think and ponder in ways they wouldn’t have if Sean didn’t act teh way he did.

The location and settings were beautiful. The director really played with the idea of the road trip genre. The camera, music, colours and acting gave us the feeling of this journey to find ones self.

The music was probably my favourite aspecpt of the entire film. it brought everything to life.  It picked the pace of the film up and really played with our emotions and thoughts. Without the soundtrack the film would have been completely different. Such interesting sounds and songs that matched the surroundings and locations and sometimes didn’t.

All in all, it was a very challenging film but one that really got me thinking out side the box for my own filmmaking and directing. I sat through to the end of the credits and it really struck a chord.

Very enjoyable, very inspring…see it!


Here is our first draft of our ‘shot list’

þ # Shot Action Notes Xtra#1 Xtra#2


1 WS ALEXA stands at the door to her office
2 MCU ALEXA sees a note on the door
3 CU Shot of the note
4 CU ALEXA face lights up
5 CU ALEXA yanks note off the door
6 CU ALEXA pockets the note
7 MS ALEXA starts to insert the key into the keyhole
8 MS ALEXA turns the key, opens the door and enter her office


9 OTS ALEXA gathers PATON’s case papers
10 CU Close up of details of PATON. (Rogue Agent, Murder, disguises, Plastic Surgery).
11 CU MR. JOHNSON’s hand holding a piece of paper containing an address
12 MS MR. JOHNSON looks up from paper and at office building Shot with his back to us
13 MCU ALEXA boils water in a kettle
14 MS MR. JOHNSON walks up flight of stairs leading to ALEXA’s office Tracking shot from the back?
15 MCU ALEXA sits back on her desk reviewing Paton’s case file
16 MS MR. JOHNSON walks down hallway leading to ALEXA’s office Tracking shot from the back?
17 MCU MR. JOHNSON arrives at door and knocks
18 CU MR. JOHNSON reaches into his coat’s inside pocket
19 MCU ALEXA walks towards the door to answer the knocking
20 CU ALEXA turns the handle and opens the door
21 MCU MR. JOHNSON is revealed standing holding a folder which is the item he’s pulled out his pocket


23 WS ALEXA returns to her seat as MR. JOHNSON sits opposite her
24 OTS OTS shot of MR. JOHNSON as he passes his resume to ALEXA, who places it by a coffee cup. She offers him coffee.
25 MS ALEXA prepares coffee then sits back down
26 OTS OTS shot of MR. JOHNSON showing Alexa taking a sip from the cup, placing it down next to MR. JOHNSON’s resume folder and the interview begins.
27 CU ALEXA’s phone rings
28 WS ALEXA asks MR. JOHNSON to excuse her and to wait outside in the hallway. She waits till he leaves to pick up the phone.


29 MCU ALEXA answers the phone
30 ECU PATON’s mouth is seen moving as he speaks into the phone
31 CU ALEXA’s taken aback after recognizing the voice behind the phone as PATON
32 ECU PATON speaks on the phone
33 CU ALEXA is in the middle of asking PATON something only to realize he has hung up the phone
34 MS ALEXA throws the phone on the table
35 WS ALEXA composes herself and walks towards her office door
36 MCU ALEXA turns the door handle and steps outside to call MR JOHNSON back in
37 WS ALEXA looks left, right, and realizes no one’s there
38 WS ALEXA walks back into her office and sits down at her desk
39 MCU ALEXA flips through MR JOHNSON’s resume and sees something out of place written on the last page
40 CU CU of the page ALEXA is reading, which is an address with a note addressed to her