Editing process

All good so far! I was away for 2 weeks of the process but since I’ve been back I have done my bit. I’m proud on the way the group worked without me being there. They really got a lot done and I’m grateful.

I guess the product doesn’t look exactly like what I had in mind but overall I’m happy. I think it’s hard to actualise a vision and make it perfect. Especially when I had little say in the early stages of editing due to my trip.

The film flows well and had a great rhythm to it. It looks nice and I think we build tension really well thanks to the music. I feel that the acting at times is a little awkward but it’s alright because there really isn’t too much dialogue.

I will report back soon when we have finalized everything but things are looking up! Cant believe we are so close to the end!!!


Black & White

So I was sitting and thinking…

What if our film was in black and white? It could look pretty cool and change things up completely. The fact that we did such a great job with the lighting means black & white could look really special. On the other hand, the fact our lighting was so good could also mean we don’t want to ‘waste’ it and hide it under black & white. Its just something to think about. It could make it feel a little more 70’s. I think there are bits of the film that don’t look 100% authentic so the black & white could hide that fact a little bit…

Anyways, I guess we will deliberate and see what shall be the outcome!

What would I do next time I shoot??

I was just having a thought…I reckon for the next time (and I’m sure there will be a next time) I shoot I will want to have a better knowledge about everything. Not just directing. I want to know in detail about the camera, about the sound techniques and monitor, about the various lights and the list goes on. I learnt that it is really important to have a broad knowledge, especially as a director. Its also good as a back up in case one of the people doing one of the other roles for some reason cannot perform his/her role. But not only that, I think it is just important!!


Anyways, thats just a little thought. Popped into my brain! 

On the Other Side

We did it! We really really did it! haha. Can’t believe its really over…and not too much stress.

Overall, the day went smoothly and almost went better than initially expected. Maybe all the nerves and anticipation was unnecessary. But I guess it got me focused and completely ready for the day. I can’t believe how much I learnt throughout the day. It was seriously one of the greatest experiences. It felt like the real thing. The process was professional and I think everyone appreciated it. The actors even sent us an email after talking about how they were overwhelmed with the generosity and the way we handled everything. The catering, the directing etc. We were quite laid back throughout the day which calmed every one down and kept everyone happy and focused. 

I learnt so much about myself and a few questions came up about whether or not I actually want to be a director or not!! I loved parts of it and I hated other parts. Its quite confusing!! I despised the beginning of the day. I was so stressed and nervous. I didn’t think that there would be any way in the world that we would be able to finish the entire shoot. It seems like such a huge hump to overcome at the begininning. As the day went on, however, things started to fall in place and everything worked out great. SO GREAT. We started at 8am and ended at 7pm. What a bloody day it was. It was so draining. To keep your eye on every single scene and to talk to the actors and to the crew and to make sure everything is going to plan is so draining. But by the end of it it feels so rewarding. 

One little hump that we were faced with was the fact that the office happened to be next door to a construction site. Our hearts sunk. We didn’t know what to do. So we thought through it and decided to do other shoots which were further away from the construction first and then move on to the other shoots later int he day. And thankfully the builders had stopped at about 3pm. So we were able to fill in the gaps and finish off all the shooting. Looking back ont he footage now there is no real issue with the osund. We may have to alter it a little but overall it has all worked out.

So yea, We’re all really happy. We are so thankful to the group that helped us out. I don’t know what we would have done without them.

On to the next step…EDITING!!!! 

Nerves and stuff…

So, tomorrow is the big day!! And of course, the butterflies kick in. You start to question yourself and the journey so far. You question if everything will go to plan. If everything is organised. If everything is ready and set for action. 

We picked up all our equipment today which worked out really well and smoothly. I parked my MONSTER car outside Bowen street and headed in to see the techs. All four of us were there including Sebastian who is kindly helping us. Everything was ready to go as we planned ahead and booked it all in through Paul. I was blown away! There was so much stuff. Lucky I had such a MONSTER car. There was the camera, the tripods, the monitor, the dedo kits, the 1K, the cutters, the C stands and the list goes on. It excited me. I felt professional and I felt that I was part of something big and important. For one of the first times this year I felt I was getting real experience in how everything works in the industry. I was pumped! We packed everything in the car and shut the boot. That was it. Thats all we could do until the day. We have come so far. We have prepared so much. And now we just wait. 

I’m sitting at home, anxious and a little scared. Its a serious shoot and I hope everything goes to plan. Already we have had some hiccups. The typewriter never turned up to Vickie’s apartment so we started to freak out. Eventually we called up the seller and we worked out we could go to her house and literally pick it up. So that ended up fine. Cris 1 averted!! The second hiccup was the fact we found out we can’t use the outside entrance of the office building. Manal just got an email bluntly stating that our “request is not granted”. So that was that. It was only a small moment in the film but still, we had to change some things. I guess we’re learning from all these bumps and obstacles. I think its great. 

Anyways, thats all for now. Got an early start tomorrow. LETS DO THIS!!!