For perhaps the first time in my movie making ‘career’ I have come out of the experience truly proud of my work. I have watched our film several times since the screening and every time I watch it I realise new and interesting things about our film. I think it is very deep and has elements in it that I never thought possible. Everything just came together by the end. We need we had the content it was just about putting it together coherently and beautifully to create a story and a narrative that would capture the hearts of the audience. And I believe we were extremely successful in doing so. I have shown the film to peers and colleagues and everyone is affected by it and enjoys their experience.

The main things I learnt from the experience was the fact that a story line or a specific idea needs to be known before you go out and start shooting. That was perhaps our biggest problem which is why the shooting section of our project took longer than anticipated. We didn’t have specific ideas which led to ‘blind’ shooting and messy work. Another thing I learnt was to choose the people you work together with properly. Make sure they seem like people you would be happy to share such an intense experience with. I think I did this very well in that our group worked so well together. It was perhaps the best group of people I have ever worked together with. We had no arguments, conflicts or confrontations. If people didn’t agree with other people we would speak our opinions and the other person would forget about it and move on. It was all based on consensus which worked extremely well for our group.

Another reason that I feel very satisfied after completing this semester is the fact that I have come out of it realising I may be interested in something I never knew I was. I practically shot the entire film on my DSLR and I really enjoyed the experience. If there was one thing I would do if I was to pursue a filmmaking career would be cinematography after the experience I just had. A big reason for this is that I feel our film looks beautiful and is shot well…and knowing that I was the one behind the camera makes me extremely proud. It was an interesting experience shooting the entire film on the DSLR. I believe it looks way more beautiful than it would have on any of the rmit cameras. It is easy to use as it is much smaller and it doesn’t intimidate the subjects when shooting. The in and out of focus technique we were going for worked really well as it is very easy to maneuver the focus with the DSLR.

All in all, the experience was very successul and I think this truly comes out in our work.

Will post the film shortly… 


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