8K Radius

Something I was extremely involved in over the holidays and is extremely relevant to what our main focus for the semester is was 8K Radius – Stories from near. The project involved the Classic Cinemas in Elsternwick and director Clayton Jacobson (Kenny). The idea was to connect the community and put local identities on the big screen. The concept was to find people within an 8 Kilometre Radius of the Classic cinema and tell their story.

So, that what happened. 9 ordinary people living in the city of Glen Eira were found and Clayton Jacobson beautifully created 9 mini documentary’s about their lives. Some of the personalities included a Kiwi dog walker, a burlesque costume designer and milinner assistant, a rat fancier and a polish vodka bar manager. Such interesting stories were told and these people were put in the lime light.

The project premiered at the Classic CInema for the Glen Eira Storytelling Festival. The 9 documentary’s are currently showing before every feature film at the Classic for the next few months. Every week a new documentary is shown. Jacobson masterfully tells these people’s stories in such an engaging, moving way. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and it in a way has started a whole new way of cinema – hyper-local content. It’s so interesting to me.

This project has really inspired me for this course and it has really got my mind ticking and working. I love the way Jacobson made the doco’s and i feel that i want to mimic his style and take on a new story but execute it in a similar fashion. No conventional face-to-face interviews or boring, cliched ways. We get introduced to the subject at the beginning and we see footage of their day to day doings while they speak/narrate over the top. The vision should be the main priority. Anyways….i thought it was a very original way of cinema and very relevant as we are studying documentary this semester…and in my eyes, this is the best form of it.

Here are some links if you want to get some more information or even catch one before a screening at the Classic. Here are articles from The Age and Bayside Magazine and here is some information from the Classic page. Enjoy!!