Great to see this in someone elses blog:

First of all, I was inspired by “Cubbies” documentary. Excellent choice of the content! I really liked the beginning of film – it successfully establishes whole environment of cubbies – with its great choice of music and intercuts between the kids and the main subject as it is his point of view. It was nice to see children introducing themselves to camera and their excitements of being on screen – they have done really good job with buying the attention from the audiences into the story. It was pleasing to see different cutaways of children playing around throughout the interview, it was visually very entertaining and it also created better understanding of his statements. The way that they have approached children to interview was what made this documentary very special. Asking exact same questions to different children and exploring the story from them came to me very fresh and adorable – It made me want to know more about cubbies. I loved how this documentary contains the observation style footages of children doing various activities. It felt like the audiences were invited to be part of them, showing their lifestyle thoroughly. I liked how the film was very natural and wasn’t forcing the audiences strictly structured story.


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